Looking for something new to learn!  Come and join us! 
 Hanapua Flowers offers a variety of floral workshops that will suit your interests.


 Limited Time Workshop

Hanapua Glam Special
10/8, 10/15 and 10/22
5pm to 7pm

Christmas Wreath Workshop
 12/1 to 12/24
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
 1pm and 3pm

Shimenawa Workshop
12/1 to 12/30
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
1pm and 3pm

Honolulu Marathon rooting Workshop
12/10, 12/11 and 12/12
8am, 8:30am, 10am, 10:30am,12pm,12:30pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm

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Christmas Wreath

Create that special holiday touch with your very own Christmas wreath

Price: $ 45

Material: Wreath base (12 inches), wire, Christmas green, ribbon

Time required: Approximately 1 hour

Shimenawa Workshop

(Hawaiian Style)

Shimenawa is a rope like decoration created by hand for welcoming Toshigami in the upcoming New Year.  Toshigami is a god who brings happiness and health.

Create your own Shimenawa.  It is believed to serve as protection.  Place the Shimenawa on the front door to welcome Toshigami for the New Year.


Material:Raffia,Ti leaf lei

Time required: Approximately 1 hour

Honolulu Marathon Cheer Squad Workshop

Congratulate your Honolulu Marathon Finisher with a beautifully crafted lei or lei po`o (flower crown).  They deserve all the support and love that they can get!

12/10(Friday) and 12/11(Saturday)
*Lei making $20
10am,12pm,2pm and 4pm
*Lei Po'o making $45
10:30am,12:30pm and 3pm

*Lei making $20
8am,10am and 2pm
*Lei Po'o making $45
8:30am and 10:30am

✴︎ Informations ✴︎

Flower Arrangement Workshop
In 2021, you will be able to learn the 11 basic type of flower arrangements throughout the year.

Dome in January
Triangle in February
Horizon in March
Vertical in April
L Shape in May
Hogarts in June
Cone in July
Oval in August
Crescent in September
Crescent in October Radiation
November will be Inverted T.

You can participate in the workshops in order from January, or you can participate in a month that you have never made.

In December, we will hold a Christmas Wreath & Shimenawa Workshop.

Pauhana Friday Flower Arrangement workshop
Every Friday 6pm-8pm

Lei Po'o Beginner, Wristlet, Corsage, Boutonnières,Koko(Head Dress) Workshop

Lei Po’o  (Wire) 

In this beginner’s class, we will create a beautiful Lei Po’o by using flowers held together by floral wire and floral tape.  The final piece will be adorned with a ribbon.  Enjoy making this one of a kind haku!.


$50 / 120min. (Including materials)

 Lei Po’o (Wili) 

For our advanced class, we will create an elaborate Hawaiian-style Haku held together using raffia.  Here, we will learn how to wrap four or more types of floral materials to make a 20-inch gorgeous floral crown.


$60 / 150min.  (Including materials・Advance class) 


Introduce basics and tips for creating a centerpiece by combining seasonal flowers.  Use what you made and decorate your own home.


$30〜 / 90min.  (Including materials)


【Keiki Fun】
 Parents and children (between the ages of 4 and 12) can make one flower arrangement.
(Toddlers are recommended to be accompanied by a guardian)

PauHana Workshop

(Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

At the end of a long work week, it’s time to have fun and relax.  Join us for a Pau Hana evening with friends to celebrate a job well done!  BYOB!


$40〜 / 120min.  (Including materials)


A simple flower bracelet to be worn at a wedding or when dancing hula.  


$30〜 / 60 min.  (Including materials)


Koko is a small floral hair accessory.  Made by wrapping floral material around a mini hair comb.  Easy to make and fashionable to wear.


$30〜 /  60min.  (Including materials)

We recommend this

✔︎ Experience the fun of designing with flowers.
✔︎ Flower designing can be therapeutic.
 ✔︎You may find a new hobby.


Corsage & Boutonniere

Enjoy making a corsage and boutonniere for your upcoming special occasion!  Create handmade pieces to match your fashionable look.


$30〜 / 60min.  (Including materials)


Create a beautiful original bouquet.  Select flower materials and color theme.  Arrange together to suit your style.


$100〜 / 120  min.  (Including materials・Advance class) 

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