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Lei Po’o

The floral crown known as "haku lei", has become popular in recent years.  It is officially named "Lei Po`o".  Po`o is the Hawaiian word for "head", and the floral crown on the head is called lei po`o.  Since "Haku" making is just one of the methods, it is not called Haku Lei.

There are three main ways to make Haku Lei or Lei Po`o.

  • Kui:  A method of connecting flowers using floral needles (20 cm long) and thread. Leis (garland necklaces) are made this way.

  • Hili:  A method of braiding by only using an individual plant.

  • Wili:  A method of weaving using raffia.  This is generally the method to create a Haku Lei or Lei Po`o.


近年人気の出てきた「ハクレイ」と呼ばれて親しまれている花冠は、正式には「Lei Po’o」という名前です。Po’o とはハワイ語で「頭」という意味で、頭につけるレイの花冠をレイポオと呼びます。「Haku」というのはあくまでも手法のひとつなので、本来ハクレイとは呼びません。


Ku’i (クイ):長い針と糸を使い同じ方向に花を通していく手法。一般的なレイのスタイル。

Haku (ハク):ラフィアという樹皮に2種類以上の花や葉っぱを三つ編みする手法。

Wili  (ウィリ):ティリーフなどをベースにラフィアで植物を巻きつける手法。

Hili  (ヒリ):単一植物の素材自体を三つ編みする手法。(葉っぱのみを使い主にフラカヒコで使用される)

Flower Arrangement

Oasis notes

Before using Oasis, soak it in plenty of water to completely absorb the water. The water-containing part turns dark and becomes dull as it dries. The weight and texture are completely different, so you should actually try it.
Be aware that you give water before the oasis is completely dry. A dry oasis loses water absorption and accumulates underneath no matter how much water is applied.
When the top of the oasis turns white, it's time to water. Use a watering can and give it enough to soak the oasis.

Watering should be done for 2 to 3 days, and the amount and number of times should be increased depending on the drying condition.

Precautions when watering
For watering, do not pour water over the oasis, but gently pour it in from the edge of the vessel.
If the water does not penetrate properly, the flowers will die more and more. Also, if the petals are splashed with water, the flowers are easily damaged.

Enjoy the flower arrangement design in the first half, and enjoy the beauty of the flowers in the vase in the second half.

Enjoy your flower arrangement!